Curiosity is followed by ambition

curious about me?

About caxerx

Caxer Tsang

  • ACGN Lover
  • Major in Computing
  • Full stack developer


I can play games for 30 hours continuously

My favourite game is Path of Exile. I join the game from 2014 and I still play it.

Why Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is an online game. The special point about this game is the game will reset the progress every 3 months. The period of 3 months we call it "League". In every league, the game introduces some new content and make it more fun.

Moreover, I enjoy earning money and improve my character in the game. I feel rewarded when my character becomes stronger.


My Waifu is 2D Girl

I start to watch Anime when I'm in primary school. Some people think that Anime is only for children. However, I don't agree with this. There is much Anime that suitable for all-age and inspiring.

ACGN means?

ACGN mean Anime, Comic, Games and Novels. It usually means the Japanese style Anime and Manga.

In ACGN, there is a lot of cute girl character. We call our favourite girl character "Waifu".

So your Waifu is?

It is worth mentioning that the background image is my Waifu Chino-chan (Chino Kafū / 香風 智乃) from Comic Is the Order a Rabbit? (ご注文はうさぎですか?)


> Programming language is just a tool.

I learn Visual Basic from my brother's CIT Textbook when I am in Primary 3. But I think my programming life starts in Form 3, I learn Java because I would like to add some feature to a game: Minecraft. After that, I learn a lot of other programming language and modern techs like JavaScript, Vue.js, and Flutter.